The money that ensures Corbyn appears unelectable

For some time now, there has been a massive campaign to make Jeremy Corbyn appear to be an unelectable Labour party leader. Contributing to this are the mainstream media’s biased reporting in a bid to stamp out any kind of socialist support. Socialism isn’t a good political model for global capitalists looking to make vast sums of money and avoid paying tax on their profits through various means. There is another major contribution to the campaign against Labour’s twice democratically elected party Leader that is even more sinister and comes from within the Party. I have provided plentiful links to news articles and statements, to allow you to decide for yourself. All I have done is join the dots to try to expose what has really happened in recent times. I advise reading the article, then follow the links if you want further information.

During Tony Blair‘s tenure as party leader and Prime Minister of the UK, the Progress organisation was created. Progress are a political movement who claim to be an independent organisation and pretty much a party within the party, intent on creating neoliberal, nigh on right-wing New Labour supporters. They attempt to steer Labour along the Tory-like neoliberalist, capitalist benefiting lines which lost the trust and votes of millions of Labour supporters in previous years. They are keen to drop the New Labour brand, to distance themselves from that loss of public support. The New Labour mentality still remains, ensuring that beneath the party of the people image of Labour still lurks a party for the Establishment. Margaret Thatcher famously stated that Tony Blair and New Labour were one of her proudest achievements.

Much of the work of Progress has involved Labour MPs publicly criticising and / or failing to back the leader’s agenda and policies. Resignations from the shadow cabinet have been timed to cause damage to the party and in particular Jeremy Corbyn’s image as a leader, in the lead up to by-elections and during key parliament voting sessions. The Labour party has a complicated structure and Progress-aligned Labour MPs hold key positions within that structure. A major critic and opponent of Corbyn, Iain McNicol, is ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn is ill supported by the party in terms of resources by underfunding the leader’s team by 50% in comparison to former leader Ed Miliband.

There is a really sinister motivation to this wholly treacherous campaign against the founding democratic socialist principles of the Labour party which is distinctly Zionist in nature and has significant financial backing. This has come from Lord Sainsbury, of the Sainsbury’s supermarket empire, who has also funded the Liberal Democrats, which surely must be a conflict of interests that should see his expulsion from the Labour party. He has bankrolled the Progress organisation to the tune of millions, over a long period of time. It is very much worth examining Progress’s funding stream, which also includes Venture Capitalist and Private Equity interests and American organisations including pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

The Labour party, during Corbyn’s tenure, has been embroiled in various anti-semitism smears which have clearly been orchestrated by ‘bad-actors’ with intent on damaging the Labour party. Corbyn himself launched an investigation into the allegations and swiftly implemented recommendations from its findings. At the time of the allegations, many spoke out against the slurs and the motivations behind them. Damning reports of the campaign, implicating the  Labour Friends of Israel group and Israel itself. Clear distinctions needed to be made between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, which are clearly very different, in an effort to educate and highlight what was actually going on.

All of this motivation has seen constant attacks on democracy and a concerted effort to stop the paying membership of the Labour party from selecting candidates that reflect the majority view. The Labour party, once a credible alternative to the Conservatives and rampant capitalism, has been bought by Zionist and capitalist interests. It has been transformed into a party that pretty much supports and perpetuates Tory policy which leaves society with no real choice of government policy. The campaigns against Corbyn and the left-leaning, socialist members of Labour are stopping true democracy and the betterment of society and the economy, [pdf] for the benefit of the vast majority of the population, instead favouring the Establishment.

The UK has long been criticised for its arms deals with Israel who have used them to bomb and slaughter Palestinians and Jeremy Corbyn has been a long time opponent to these deals and to the whole conflict in general. I’m not going to attempt to go into the causes of the conflict, but I do feel that bombing people is just plain wrong.

So, in a nutshell, the Progress and Socialist/left arguments are quite simply an extension of the conflict going on in Israel. Israelis have infiltrated UK politics for their own political gains and are using our parties in their arguments. All while the people of Britain suffer at the hands of Tory austerity, which is quite unnecessary in any case. That, however, is an altogether different subject for debate.

There is a rising in opinion that Progress, Iain McNicol, Keith Vaz (NEC council) and several Blairite elements within the Labour party need to be removed, in order to allow democracy to return to the party and for it to return to its founding principles. I completely agree with this and think it is disgusting that the party of the people has been subverted to favour tax avoiding corporations and the very wealthy to benefit when poverty and equality is crippling society. Things need to change for the good of the people.

This post was written to bring together online evidence of the corruption of UK politics by outside parties. The UK mainstream media are not joining the dots and the Conservative party don’t seem enthusiastic about highlighting it, either. This is despite Jeremy Corbyn writing to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, on the subject.


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