Is that a light up ahead?

So, just got off the phone with my hero kid brother. He’s insisting that I go stay with them in Trowbridge, while we sort out housing. It makes sense, as this place is making me worse on the anxiety and depression side of things. I do have some reservations though. My brother suffers from bi-polar disorder and his wife has various physical ailments. I’m currently a wreck and I am really concerned about adding to their burden. It sounds like I will be using a camp bed in the lounge, so that will have an effect on their personal space and their free usage of it.

Going to need to get everything changed over to that address and start looking at what I can get moved into  storage down there. I’ve mentioned on here before that getting away from the city life will likely do me the world of good. I prefer that slower pace, the more laid back outlook. I experienced the slower lifestyle when I lived in Thornbury, north of Bristol. As long as I have electricity and internet connection, it doesn’t really bother me being away from conveniences and amenities.

So, a big step. The first in what looks like a permanent move away from my city of birth. Getting registered under a different mental health setup, which my brother has high praise for. Hoping that the lower demand for mental health services and also for social housing, in that area will be of benefit to me in getting myself settled in a secure tenancy and that would be welcomed after many years of private renting.

The main thing to this move is to be near a helpful support network. That I will have, being near my brother who has suffered mental health issues himself, so has that genuine empathy. I have no real support network in Bristol and there is nothing but bad memories for me, regarding the place, at this moment in time.

I’ll be updating this post as a kind of journal to the activities over the coming few days.

Update 31/5/2017

Heartbreakingly, my brother and I have had a major falling out. I had a feeling it might happen and did warn him of it. He suffers from bipolar disorder and I think the strain of having me around triggered him off. It culminated in him putting all of my belongings in his front garden and telling me on a regular basis that people were “eyeing up your stuff”. A paramedic had picked me up as I’d collapsed at the side of the road en-route from Devizes to Trowbridge. He took me to my brother’s to collect my things.

I was put into a Travel Lodge last night, courtesy of “EDS”?? Today I was told that I should have presented myself to Wiltshire council as homeless and that I would have been told this last night. That didn’t happen. I’ve now been moved to a hostel in Chippenham.

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